Miřenka Čechová is an actor, performer, choreographer and director from the Czech Republic. She began her career as a classical ballet dancer at the Dance Conservatory in Prague. Following, she graduated from the Czech Theater and Music Academies (DAMU, HAMU) with two MA degress in the fields of alternative and nonverbal theater. In September 2012, Dr. Čechová received her Ph.D. from the Academy of Performing Arts in direction of physical and mime theater. Currently, she serves on the faculty of the Academy. Dr. Čechová  received a Fulbright scholarship in 2010 for lecturing and research at American University in Washington D.C., and continues to give master classes and lectures at universities in Pennsylvania, Tampa, New York and throughout the US and Europe.

Ms Čechová is the co-founder of two professional theater companies, The Spitfire Company, which focuses on alternative physical and visual theater, and Tantehorse which focuses on physical mime and butoh. Her work with these companies has been presented in a total of over eleven European countries. Additionally, her solo work has been presented in four European nations as well as the United States, Japan and Korea. She is a founding member of The International Festival Zero Point, which brings the best of physical, mime, visual and multi-genres theater forms to Prague from throughout Europe and the US. 

Miřenka Čechová has received much important and deserved recognition for her work. This includes prizes such as the Grand prix in the Polish theater festival Zdarzenia for The World of Condemned and the award of festival Next wave forTrials 10/48/7830. In 2011 Ms. Čechová  was nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actress Award for her role of the Fool in King Lear (Synetic Theater) in Washington D.C. She received the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Ensemble at the same play. Recently she received the Outstanding Performance Award at Fringe festival 2012 for her solo work, The Voice of Anne Frank and was highly praised by Sarah Kaufman from the Washington Post for the US premier of her latest solo piece, S/he is Nancy Joe: “most impressive of all is simply Cechova’s body, which she turns into a battleground of self-identity and societal censure… that body is an element of surpassing wonder” / Washington Post, Sarah Kaufman, November 10, 2012 This performance received the Best of Contemporary Dance 2012 by Washington Post too.